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Seminar Tasks

Handout for all of Seminar Tasks as pdf. (This has the same content as the web version you are reading here.)

How to Prepare for a Seminar

For each seminar you have been assigned a task. This is usually some reading and a question to answer.

Consider the question or questions set for the seminar. Think about which bits of the lecture material is relevant to them. Try to identify problems or objections.

Read the text set for the seminar. Make some notes on it. In making notes, focus on how the text provides evidence or argument that is relevant to the question or questions assigned for the seminar.

Make some notes on anything that is unclear to you. If you can, sketch out an answer to the questions assigned for the seminar.

Minimally, come to the seminar with a question or request for clarification.

Seminars and Assessment

Each seminar topic is linked to one of the essay questions on which you will be assessed.

Your work in preparing and participating in the seminar should help you in selecting which questions to write your essays on, and in writing the essays.

Please Check for Changes

At the end of each seminar, ask your seminar tutor to confirm the questions and any reading for the next seminar.

Seminar tutors may change the questions and any readings up to the week before each seminar.

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