Moral Psychology

The science of good and evil?

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A course at the University of Warwick.

Week 02: Effect Heuristic: Pro and Contra

Commencing Monday 11th January 2021

Seminar Task on yyrama

Note that the seminar tasks are typically on topics from previous weeks’ lectures.

(If you need to attend a different seminar this week, please join that seminar group on yyrama so that your work is read by the right tutor and your tutor knows which seminar to discuss it in.)

Not sure what to do? Check this guide to the seminar tasks (this is the same each week).

Attend a Seminar

If you are attending a seminar online, you can find the link you need to join it here.

Recorded Lectures

Not sure what to do with the lectures? Check this guide to using lectures.

Live Online Whole-Class Meeting

If you miss the meeting, there may be a recording of it in the lecture materials. (No promises: there might be occasional issues which prevent or corrupt a recording.)

Assessed work to submit

There is no assessed work due this week, I think. (But to be sure, please check on tabula as this is the only authoritative source for deadlines.)

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